Review: Get Out

Jordan Peele directorial debut is not one to miss. It has everything in it from suspense, intrigue, and humor all in one. The film is never scared to dive into deep water but also maintains that grounded feel giving it a sense of realism.

In terms of entertainment this film is hypnotizing from start to finish. As soon as the unsettling piano starts til the end credits roll, you are captivated.

Cinematography was outstanding as well. The shots during the party were especially interesting. Keeping small characters slightly in frame made the film have layers that would otherwise be glossed over. Speaking of characters, everyone had a depth to them that shined throughout the film. No one seemed forced or fake but rather genuine and believable. This script really shined.

Sound. The music was amazing, scary, and inspiring. A piano has never made me feel more uncomfortable while I was sitting down. Incredible sound choice and implementation.

Final Score: 5 out of 5